3-Day Ticket: $95
(Camping Included)

Arrival: After 4pm on Thursday, June 11th 
Departure: Music will end at 4pm on Sunday, June 14th

For Families: 
Comin’ with the kids? Even better. There is a section of bunks specifically for families on the grounds. Camp Counselors will provide activities throughout the day for the younger crew. 

3- Day Bunk Rental

Half: $290(UP TO 10 PEOPLE)
Full: $500(UP TO 20 PEOPLE)

Per Bed: $60

Double Bunkhouse:
These bunkhouse cabins are fantastic for any size group. Each Double Bunkhouse has two rooms, with one large shared bathroom. Each side can sleep up to 10. So get your friends together and rent half of a bunkhouse (or the whole darn thing)! If you fill up your half bunk, it’s only $30 per person for 3 days, and even less if you get a full bunk. 

The cabins are equipped with full bathrooms with several hot showers, and each Double Bunkhouse has a front porch for chilling and staring into the wilderness that is the Poconos. Even though each side is a private room, you’ll be able to hear your neighbors in the adjacent bunk. Please bring sheets, blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags for your home away from home, bunkhouse. 

Lone Wolf Bunkhouse: For those lone wolves who just want a bed, pay $50 for all three days. Bunkhouses will be split into ladies and gents.

Note: Cabin Rental is not included in Festival Admission. Bunks passes are for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. No lodging will be provided on Sunday evening in the bunks or on the grounds. It is free to camp on the grounds!